Question: When a friend of mine enters church he feels sick and wants to get out. I think that is devil’s tricks. What do you suggest me to do in order to help him?
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Patriarch of All Georgia and patriarch of All Russia Meet in Kiev

Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II and Patriarch of all Russia Kiril met in Kiev. At the beginning of the meeting the Patriarch of All Russia stated that the Russian Orthodox Church has the strongest brotherhood relations with Georgian Church.

Holy Synod Session

The Chairman – Ilia II, Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia

Statement by Patriarchate of Georgia

The Christian-Democratic Party’s idea on adopting Orthodoxy as the state religion is unacceptable for the Georgian Church. The Patriarchate has expressed its negative attitude against the idea for many times before.

Statement by Patriarchate of Georgia

On 4th of July, after making a statement by the Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, representatives of the Parliament of Georgia came to the Patriarchate upon their initiative. They presented a changed bill being adopted after the first reading. But, the changed variation still unconditionally recognized granting any religious communities a status of a legal entity being subject to public law.

Statement by Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia

Unexpectedly for our Church and our people in general, the Parliament of Georgia adopted 1st reading of a bill on granting some religious organizations a status of a legal entity being subject to public law, on 1st of July. Its 2nd reading is expected to be held tomorrow, on 5th of July.

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